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February in Jamaica is not just another month; it’s a vibrant celebration of one of the island’s greatest gifts to the world – reggae music. At Sun City Wonderland Daycare, we believe in immersing our children in the rich cultural heritage of our country, and what better way to do that than through the rhythms and messages of reggae? Let’s explore the significance of reggae music and how we can share its joyful beats and positive vibrations with our little ones.


Understanding Reggae’s Roots

Our journey begins with history. Reggae music, which originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s, has been a vehicle for expressing cultural identity, social issues, love, and unity. It’s important for children to learn about the legends like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Burning Spear, who used their music as a force for change and a voice for the people.


Reggae Storytime

Every great song tells a story. By integrating reggae lyrics into storytime, children can learn about the messages woven into the songs. Tales of friendship, respect, and love for the environment are all central themes in reggae music that resonate with young minds.


Reggae Art

The bold colors of the Rastafarian flag and the iconic images associated with reggae music can inspire a host of art projects. Children can create their own reggae-inspired artwork using green, yellow, red, and black, representing the powerful symbols of the genre.


Move and Groove to the Reggae Beat

Dance is a joyful way to experience music. Hosting a reggae dance session not only gets the little ones moving but also helps them feel the music physically. It’s an expression of freedom and happiness that reggae so beautifully encapsulates.


Reggae Sing-Along

There’s a reggae song for every occasion. Sing-alongs can be a regular part of the daycare routine, with simple, catchy reggae tunes that the children can learn and sing together. Music is a universal language, and through it, children can learn about rhythm, rhyme, and harmony.


Instrument Exploration

Reggae music often features distinctive instruments like drums, the bass guitar, and the keyboard. Showing children these instruments, letting them hear the sounds they make, and even trying them out can deepen their appreciation for the music and maybe even spark a lifelong love for playing an instrument.


Reggae Storytellers

Invite local musicians or storytellers to share their experiences with reggae music. This can give children a personal connection to the music and the people who make it, showing them that the spirit of reggae is alive and thriving.


Reggae and Relaxation

The mellow tunes of reggae can be used during quiet or nap times to create a soothing atmosphere. It’s a demonstration of the genre’s versatility and its ability to bring peace and calm to even the most energetic of children.



Celebrating Reggae Month at Sun City Wonderland is about more than just music; it’s about teaching our children the values of peace, unity, and love that reggae music stands for. It’s about connecting them to a global community and showing them the power of their culture. So this February, let’s spread the love and let the reggae rhythm flow through the heart of every child at our daycare.

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