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As the Jamaican sun shines brighter and the days grow warmer, the allure of water play becomes irresistible for children. At Sun City Wonderland Daycare, we welcome the summer season with a splash, integrating water play into our daily activities. This not only offers a refreshing escape from the heat but also opens up a sea of learning opportunities. Here’s how we make the most of Jamaica’s warm June weather with creative water play and learning activities.


1. Water Exploration Stations

Setting up water exploration stations is a fantastic way to introduce children to the wonders of water. These stations can include different containers, funnels, water wheels, and more, allowing kids to experiment with pouring, measuring, and understanding the basic principles of physics.


2. Themed Water Tables

Themed water tables, such as a mini beach or a pirate ship adventure, provide imaginative play opportunities. As children scoop, pour, and splash, they develop fine motor skills and learn concepts like floating and sinking, all while engaging in creative storytelling.


3. Water-Based Art Projects

Water isn’t just for splashing – it’s also a medium for art. We encourage children to paint with watercolors or make rain paintings, where drops of food coloring in water create unique patterns on paper. These activities enhance creativity and color recognition.


4. Sensory Play with Water Beads

Water beads offer a unique sensory experience. Safe and non-toxic, these beads expand in water and provide a fascinating texture for children to explore. Playing with water beads helps develop sensory awareness and fine motor skills.


5. Science Experiments with Water

Simple science experiments, like creating a DIY water cycle or exploring water density with various objects, turn playtime into an educational experience. These activities foster curiosity and a foundational understanding of scientific concepts.


6. Water Relay Games

Group games involving water, such as relay races with cups of water or sponge races, are not just fun; they promote teamwork, coordination, and physical fitness. These games are a hit, especially on hot summer days.


7. Nature Walks to Local Water Bodies

Field trips to nearby beaches, rivers, or ponds offer real-world experiences of water ecosystems. Such outings are educational, providing insights into water sources and environmental conservation, crucial in an island nation like Jamaica.


8. Storytime with Water Themes

Incorporating water-themed books into storytime broadens children’s understanding and appreciation of water in our world. Stories about ocean adventures, river journeys, or rainy days can be both entertaining and educational.



Water play is an integral part of summer at Sun City Wonderland Daycare. It provides a cool, fun, and educational way to beat the heat while helping children explore and learn about the world around them. As we dive into summer, we are reminded of the endless possibilities that water play presents, from nurturing young minds to sparking lifelong curiosity and respect for this vital resource.

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